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Harry Potter Sorcerers stone miniature polymer clay book keychain bagcharm with sorting hat and unicorn charms

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Tons of buttons!!! project with my 2 artist friends :)

Starbucks coffee themed charms!!!

100% handmade with love.

Materials: polymer clay, resin and rtv

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Some samples of my cupcake locket made from polymer clay.

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Mini bags pendants.

made from polymer clay

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A custom made Marie Antoinette necklace.

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A friends wedding we also helped out.

Photos taken and edited by me.

My first attempt in making note holder/paper weight faux CUPCAKES!

made with: plaster of paris, paper clay, wall putty, polymer clay

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Harry Potter themed super chunky charm bracelet.

Comes with 7 miniature harry potter books made from polymer clay.

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Handmade Mcdonalds miniatures!

Made with polymer clay with photo transfer technique and keen eye for details.

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